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Being your typical teenage girl I long to wear heels every time there is a special occasion that I can get all dressed up for. The hardest part to me when dressing up is the pain that comes along with the glitz and glamour. Each girl knows the toughest decision to choose between is should I wear stilettos or wedges. Being extremely indecisive I keep my choices limited to those two types of heels. Although the confidence wedges give me isn’t nearly as close to the confidence stilettos give me, the style of wedges and the comfort is by far much better than the style and comfort of the stilettos. The wedges don’t give me as much confidence as the stilettos give me when I wear them. Wedges tend to give me only very little height, which I try to always look for when trying on heels since I am insecure about my height. During a graduation party that I attended last year with a group of girlfriends of mine, I thought it would make me feel good to go out and show off my new wedges I just bought, but little did I know those new pair of wedges would make me look like…show more content…
Wedges have to be the most comfortable shoe I have ever bought. Wedges can be worn for hours and hours with some feet pain and a little soreness the next day. Any girl knows if she is going to be dancing or walking for a long period of time, she will choose the most comfortable shoe she owns just to ovoid the unbearable feet swelling and blisters. Never the less, stilettos turn out to be one of the most painful types of heel that a girl can own. The tiny thin heel in the heel of the shoe provides no support to my feet. This tiny heel causes me to have to force myself to walk on my tip toes and wear out my calf’s. Not to mention the evil looking blisters that appears all over my feet the next day. All the effects mentioned were a real experience I had endured after wearing stilettos for just a few

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