Case Study: We As The White Knight

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We as the White Knight Part believe that international trade is crucial to our economy. By this we mean that it involves more jobs, a better standard of living, and even higher wages. We as a party believe that the country shouldn’t have a free trade policy, we should tax anything that is imported in the United States, therefore creating and sustaining more tax money from countries like China that just import products at no cost. We believe that the United Sates should position itself to dominate trade all over the world. The White Knight party believes that by sustaining international trading it provides more jobs. This will provide more jobs due to the reason that people will need be taxing everything that comes into our country in every aspect. With International trade being the world’s most powerful economic force, we must create barriers that doesn’t allow other countries to take advantage of us, meaning that multiple jobs will be available. The main focus will be not only be on creating jobs, but will be on importing and exporting goods at a costs that benefits our country. This will provide us with a better standard of living because we as a country can’t produce all the items so therefore we trade other countries to receive them. So in international trade everyone is benefiting from it and that…show more content…
With trade, it will provide higher wages, and it will regulate the economic scale. The White Knight party believes that the government should regulate trade, making it a harder for illegal substances and drugs to come into the United States. By doing this everything would be more substantial. As mentioned before taxing everything that comes into the United States would regulate the economic scale, making wages higher. If the United States were to tax everything that came into the U.S. for at least one presidential term it would make a drastic drop in the debt that the United States is

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