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Opening and running a business are complex undertakings. The fundamental components in business active can be both good and bad. Business for the Glory of God explains there are both opportunities to glorify God and temptations to sin. This book explains that if we follow the direction of God we can resist the temptation to sin and glorify God in our business. Book Review, Business Law 301 In his book, “Business for the Glory of God” Wayne Grudem talks how a business can be used to glorify God. People focus on other ways they can glorify God including worship, evangelism, giving, moral living and faith as ways people glorify God. Grudem looks at eleven aspects of business activities that can also be used to glorify God. (Grudem, 12.) The eleven aspects of business activity Grudem reviews are below: 1. Ownership 2. Productivity 3. Employment 4. Commercial transitions (buying and selling) 5. Profit 6. Money 7. Inequality of possessions 8. Competition 9. Borrowing and lending…show more content…
But within each aspect there is great temptation to sin. In business, we should remember that God created us in his image. God wants us to be God like in our actions. We should not lie nor steal. We should be honest and faithful. These are all qualities that we can use in our business to perform as God would want us too. The two ascpects that Grudem discussed that I am most interested in are employment and competiton. In most if not all businesses there will be employees. An owner of a business will be in charge of hiring, retaining and compensating employees. Examples of how to glorify God as an employer would be to treat employees fairly and to pay an honest wage. In Proverbs 22:16, the Bible says “Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty. Grudem states that “when the employer/employee arrangement is working properly, both parties benefit” (Grudem,

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