To Kill A Mockingbird's Childhood

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An individual will go through their childhood process in dozens of different parts of one long continual change. Some may grow up faster than others and some may only grow up in adulthood. To Kill a Mockingbird portrays a theme of growing up and what factors are in play that decide the outcome of who and what kids become when they grow up. The novel's depiction of growing up is that it is a result of one's life experiences and the influences of others, mainly family and friends. More specifically, Harper Lee delves into how the final result of who kids become is a mixture of major life experiences and the impact their parents have on them. Growing up can be exhausting and never simply happens in a single moment. It is a continual process…show more content…
In the beginning of the book, Scout explains “but they were Haverfords, in Maycomb County a name synonymous with j------” which likely indicates that Scout thinks that Haverford's will be Haverford's and there’s nothing to do about it and the best option is just to let them be, which in that case would be j--------. The Social Structure in Maycomb is also hereditarial, people will grow up to be who their parents were and continue the tradition. “I [Scout] rose graciously on Walter’s behalf: “Ah—Miss Caroline?” [Miss Caroline] “What is it, Jean Louise?” [Scout] “Miss Caroline, he’s a Cunningham.”” Scout tried to help Walter Cunningham out by explaining to Miss Caroline that Cunninghams don’t accept things they can’t repay. “I sat back down.” ch 2. Scout didn’t feel that it was necessary to explain at all how being a Cunningham had anything to do with anything. Just as Haverford had it’s own definition “a name [Haverford] synonymous with turd”, Cunningham had it’s own meaning to Maycomb, a meaning that has been passed down for generations with minor changes each time. Every 120 years the world is basically renewed of people because after 120 years everyone dies and is replaced. 120 years ago there was no one that was alive and is still alive today. Many empires have lasted centuries though with hardly even any minor changes because legacies are passed down and onto children who

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