Wal-Mart's Impact On The Global Economy

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For more than two decades, Wal-Mart has been a huge contribution to contemporary globalization, which is a modern way of interconnecting to the world. “Contemporary globalization would not exist without the presence of Wal-Mart in the global economy,” according to the source Wal-Mart has significantly impacted the economical spectrum and is believed to be directing many countries towards frugality. It has reached out to excel / support an individual’s way of life, by making one’s need accessible. (Not only that) Every community that owns a Wal-Mart has approached to its people by fulfilling their materialistic comforts. Wal-Mart should be cherished for its positive impact on the, because of its ability of allowing people to (firmly) develop…show more content…
Through the idea of low prices, the gap between the rich and the poor disappears and everyone is capable to afford products and services. Consumers are to freely purchase their needs or wants. Many people are pleased by Wal-Mart’s cost-cutting, while others admire it for its business strategies. The effect on low prices in Wal-Mart is portrayed through the article written in 2010, according to Ujala Seghal in the Business Insider, “this year, everyone in the world will make an average of 1.1 purchases at Wal-Mart.” Why will so many people purchase at Wal-Mart? Many individuals shop in Wal-Mart because low prices bring more choices to consumers. Also taking into account that this article was written in 2010, there is a high probability of this range to be increased by now. This corporation guarantees to provide its consumers with lowest prices on their basic needs to enhance one’s quality of life. It also assures to standardize living by providing quality products at a reasonable cost. Wal-Mart has been spreading world-wide and is making people interconnected, by its wide ranges of stores around the globe. It is also affecting the world by announcing plans to transform itself into one of the greenest corporation, and keeping up with the low

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