Softball Versus Soccer

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Has someone ever been so determined to accomplish their goal that they work every day for it? Imagine the thrill of receiving the title of state champion after the biggest game of your life. In the spring, this can happen. High schools offer many different sports in the spring and fall, including softball and soccer. Since these sports are so competitive, they allow the player to fulfill their dream. Both softball and soccer offer lifelong friends, great exercise, and fun competition. Although each player has the same goal, the rules vary in many different ways. Softball is a competition between two teams battling to score more runs than the opposing team. The field consists of three bases and a home plate that are sixty feet apart. The playing…show more content…
The soccer field is one hundred yards long and contains two goals on the opposite ends of the field, a center circle, a penalty box, and a goal box. To score a goal, the player must kick the soccer ball into the goal without the goalkeeper blocking it. Kickoffs and restarts take place in the center circle of the field. The penalty box is a semicircle located twelve feet in front of the goal line, where all penalty shots are taken. In soccer, there are two kinds of fouls, the direct kick foul and the indirect kick foul. Direct fouls consist of kicking, pushing, or tripping an opponent while on the field. The consequence of a direct foul is allowing the other team to a free kick, which the goalkeeper allows the kicker to shoot without blocking the ball. Indirect fouls consist of dangerous play, touching the ball with their hands, and impeding an opponent. Due to this foul, the referee takes the soccer ball back to where the foul originally happened and restarts the…show more content…
As in any sport, the player competes to win. In both softball and soccer games, the players try to outscore the other team. The sports consist of two teams played on large fields. Players occupy various positions on the soccer and softball field; however, different players have different responsibilities on the field. In softball, the catcher can relate to the goalkeeper in soccer. The catcher’s job is to keep an offensive player from scoring at home plate, as well as the goalkeepers’ job is to keep the player from scoring a goal with the soccer ball. There are two or three umpires, or referees, at each softball or soccer

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