Vampire Vs Vampire Compare And Contrast

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Zombies and Vampires have been part of many legends throughout the years, but now they become popular with people. They are both in horror films, and television shows which we enjoy the jump scares and suspense. The younger generation sees them as “awesome” monsters. They capture the imagination amongst adults and teenagers these days. Vampires suck human’s blood, unlike zombies that feed on human flesh. Both are incredible creatures that are fiction and will kill to survive. As fictional creatures, vampires and zombies have some similarities and some differences. Vampires are known to drink blood by biting human’s necks, yet zombies attack differently. Somehow vampires are attracted by an open neck, therefore they attack that area in our bodies. They have become popular with the women, because they tend to be rather good looking and charismatic. In reality, they weren’t that good looking in the past, but in the 20th century they’ve become more handsome. For example, in the “Twilight Saga,” Edward is a vampire that is good looking and captures that female protagonist and the fan’s attention. Showing…show more content…
People have made films and novels involving both of them. Both are fascinating monsters, but they aren’t immortal as many people realize they are. Vampires and zombies can be killed through many methods such as removing the head, stabbing them, and burning the body. They also tend to surprise their victim in the darkness, meaning they wait for the best opportunity to capture them. Zombies and vampires seem to want to take over the human race. People believe both of them are evil because of what they are and do. Although they both are consider “evil,” they’re popular during Halloween, many dress up and scare others during that day and during the horror fest in amusement parks. People know they are folktales but many wish they were real because they desire to be like the character they have seen or

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