Voter Turnout In Texas Essay

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Texas voter turnout In Texas the voter turnout is lower than the national average. This is because of the wealth that is not equally distributed throughout the state. There are many ethnic groups that fall below the poverty rate. Also, in Texas Hispanics and African Americans tend to go the polls less than Anglos. From those people the trend of voting comes from the richer, better educated than those that are poorer, minority, and uneducated. The Texas voter turnout can actually be measured in two ways. First is the percentage of registered voters casting a ballot or second is the percentage of the voting-age population casting a ballot. The voting-age population is the preferred measure because it then eliminates the variations in state voting requirements that can influence voter turnout. The United States has lower voter turnout than do other countries of wealth. In other countries there are strictly enforced laws that include fines for not going to the polls to vote. If these kinds of laws were enforced in the United States, this would make people in America feel like their rights are being violated. Convenience, lack of interest in politics, no trust in government, partisanship among the population, and barriers to voting are some of the reasons voter turnout is so low. The United States has a…show more content…
This has to take into account the differences between rich and poor citizens living in cities or rural areas within Texas. There are no strong parties to persuade the poor to go vote on Election Day. When the poor don’t vote, the overall turnout rate is low (Carldean 143). The turnouts at the polls in Texas are low because of the groups of minorities that are uneducated and poorer than those of wealth, education, and White. If more minorities in Texas would cast a vote, than Texas would probably have the highest voter turnout in the

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