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Shaken baby syndrome is a serious medical condition that results from a severe form of child abuse. Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) can also be called abusive head trauma (AHT), inflicted traumatic brain injury (ITBI), whiplash syndrome, and lastly, shaken impact syndrome. Whatever you prefer to call it, this is completely one hundred percent avoidable. According to the Center for Disease Control’s traumatic brain injury website, “Heads up: Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome,” shaken baby results from violently shaking an infant by the shoulders, arms, or legs. The shaking can last as little as four seconds to begin critical damage of the brain. The shaking causes bleeding on the brain (subdural hemorrhages) and bleeding in the retinas (retinal hemorrhages).…show more content…
Also, other complications results from shaking a child and they survive are: blindness, deafness, trouble seeing, seizures, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, emotional difficulties, or behavior problems, the inability to eat or breathe on his or her own. This would result in a use of a ventilator to help him or her breathe, and the insertion of a feeding tube…show more content…
In general, a doctor who suspects SBS must notify local child welfare officials and law enforcement agencies. The person who is suspected of injuring the child is then questioned and evaluated along with anyone who provided care for that child. Any other children who were cared for by the suspect may be examined and older children may be interviewed. Children age three and younger may have skeletal X-rays taken. The authorities’ primary goal here is to protect the child or children involved from further injury. The person who caused the injury may be legally charged and tried for assault

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