Killing Ratchett Persuasive Essay

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I was surprised when I found out that Mr. Ratchett wasn’t exactly who he was said to be. After he was murdered Mcqueen realizes that Ratchett’s name was an alias. Later through more investigation it is found that his real identity is a murderer named Cassetti, who killed and kidnapped a girl named Daisy Armstrong. Even after murdering the little girl and getting arrested Cassetti was let loose because of his enormous wealth and power. Mcqueen was Ratchett’s secretary and helped him in his travels. It was thought that Ratchett was running from something because, the weeks following his death threatening messages were being sent to him. I didn’t expect Ratchett to be murdered nor did I expect him to be a killer. On top of that I’m also curious to find out who this mysterious woman in the red kimono is, and find out if she is the person who killed Ratchett. Entry #- 2 Pages read- 192…show more content…
Either the killer planted evidence to make it seem like the passengers on the train killed Ratchett or, they really did kill him. When M. Bouc and Poirot finished searching all the suspects of the case they find that: Colonel Arbuthnot has the same pipe cleaners as the one’s found in Ratchett’s room the night he was killed, in the countesses room they found a wet label, and on Poirot’s suitcase they found the red kimono. Either the following people are responsible for the murder, or the murderer strategically placed the items to pin Ratchett’s death on someone else. The bloody knife found in Mrs. Hubbard’s room was also a suspicious find however, after searching her room they were not able to uncover any other evidence that could lead her to be the

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