Virgin Australia Swot Analysis

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Virgin Australia Holdings Limited is an American airline which operates in Australia within domestic and international flights. They distinguish themselves by their services experience, specialised corporate programs and travel extras including leisure clubs and holiday packages. It has strategic alliances with Air New Zealand Limited, Etihad Airways P.J.S.C, Singapore Airlines Limited, and Delta Air Lines Inc. The company was previously known as Virgin Blue Holdings Limited and changed its name to Virgin Australia Holdings Limited in 2011. Virgin Australia Holdings Limited was founded in 2000 with its based in Queensland. (Yahoo Finance, 2014) Virgin Australia Holdings Limited confirmed in May 2013, “FIRB” Foreign Investment Review Board approval…show more content…
(ASX Announcement 2012). Skywest has a large network in particular of US airlines such as United, American, Alaska Airlines and US Airways (Skywest Fact Feet). Established in the US over 40 years ago they continue an annual Mini Indy charity event “go-cart style” at their place of origin. Their acquisition by Virgin Australia was followed by renaming of Skywest to Virgin Australia's Regional Airlines with headquarters in Perth (Virgin,…show more content…
The settlement of pre existing relationships accounted for $15.3 million. (Virgin Australia Annual Financial Report 2014) On 8/7/2013, Virgin Australia acquired 60% of its total shareholding in Tiger Airways Australia accompanied with a purchase consideration of $35.0 million. The transaction costs were accounted as payments relating to borrowings recognised as cash flows from financing activities. These were shown in the financial statements of Virgin Australia in the consolidated statement of cash flows reflected in the year of 2013. (Virgin Australia Annual Financial Report 2013). SBS reported on 17/10/2014 that Virgin Australia acquired the remaining 40% share in Tiger Airways for just $1.00 as the low cost airline has not made a profit for Virgin yet, but incurred a $11.2 million loss over the past

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