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When you were growing up have you ever wanted to be a remodel. A coach can be a remodel. A coach is what organizes the team and keeps players to act like a family. The coach is what keeps the team going. Vince Lombardi Didn’t want to become a coach while growing up, but he still became one of the best coaches in football history. Vice Lombardi arguably one of the best coach of all time. He had a great childhood it helped His ability to teach, and motivate players it was unbelievable. He helped turn the Green bay packers to the most dominating team in the 60’s. Vince Lombardi was born in Brooklyn, NY; the oldest out of five children. He was a son of an Italian man. Him and his family where catholic, so he was held to a strict household. But…show more content…
His first coaching jobs where an assistant at Fordom and West Point. After being an assistant he became a head coach at a New jersey high school. He won 5 championships coaching the Green Bay Packers out of a whole seasons. “Winning is a habit but unfortunately so is losing” (when pride still mattered120). During his time he came in second twice and he never wanted to come in second again. “Ig you come in second might as well come in last” (Marniss 127). He believes in a lot of things and some might sound cruel, but he does things he wants to win. He also has a lot of quotes that make him well known. Such as “we do or die”( Marniss 130.). That was the best quote of his in my opinion. After that one quote he had a terrific season and one the Superbowl. “It is a reality for people to be competitive so you should embrace your competitive nature but at the same time not turn it into attitude that you cannot control.” (A life of Vince Lombardi booklist 1999: 61. Elibrary. Web.). He had a competitive nature he believed it gave you the edge against others as you can see from that quote. Vince was a wealthy, and a famous man. He wasn’t always wealthy and famous he started from the bottom and rose. He was an assistant coach for a high school team, then he became one of the best coaches in the national football league. He will always be known and respected for all he has

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