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Bhanupriya Chettiar Mrs Forsyth 906 Immigration Restriction Act What was the Immigration Restriction Act what impact did it have on Australia and its people? What was the immigration restriction act? Well it was when the immigration from overseas was limited but mostly restricted. This formed the base of the White Australian policy. This policy states non-Europeans are not allowed in Australia, only Europeans are. The restriction act was put up to exclude all of the non-Europeans from Australia and to stop lower classes of people from immigrating and illegal immigrants to be deported. It also meant that only various classes of people were allowed in. People with contagious diseases, people who had previously been in prison, prostitutes, pimps and insane people were not allowed to immigrate to Australia. The act automatically permitted all members of the Royal Navy and the British Army, the workers on ships entering Australia, any person of a foreign government, former residents in Australia and family member of already permitted immigrant, to immigrate to Australia. Other prospective immigrants were only allowed to immigrate to Australia by passing the dictation test or by getting the Certificate of Exemption, which is issued by the Minister for External Affairs. This…show more content…
If you didn't, you would be classified as "a prohibited immigrant." The dictation test was where you had to write a 50 word passage on the language said by the officer. Officers were later told fail each immigrant, even if they did well in the test, so there really was no point in doing it. Between 1902 and 1909, out of the 1,359 people who did the test, only 59 people passed. These people were not supposed to pass but due to the officers not understanding their job in this fraud or, they were unable to choose a language other that English. Nobody passed after

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