Vimy Ridge Thesis

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The Vimy Ridge war, starting on April 19th 1917, had costed hundreds and thousands lives of adolescent, stouthearted soldiers on the first day alone. The Vimy ridge victory shaped a Canadian way of making war. There were proximate to a hundred thousand Canadians that battled their way through tunnels and trenches. The Canadian Corporation was authoritatively mandated to seize Vimy Ridge in April 1917. Located in northern France, the heavily-fortified seven-kilometre ridge held a fair view over the Allied lines. Assailing together for the first time, the four Canadian divisions stormed the ridge. More than 15,000 Canadian soldiers overran the Germans all along the front. Outstanding intrepidity and discipline sanctioned the troops to perpetuate moving forward under…show more content…
The war was ground to a halt at that point . The British and americans had anteriorly endeavored to take the ridge but failed. An all Canadian force was sent in, one of the first times an all-Canadian force had been in a major battle. They of course, with a sizably voluminous loss of life and unbelievable valiancy, took the ridge and held it hence cracking open the western front. It is verbalized that the true national identity of Canada was born on those fields. After the war, France made part of the area Canadian soil and Canada built a sizably voluminous statue of a mother mourning the loss of her son to commemorate the spot and loss of life. Vim Ridge accommodated as a focal point for national pride and availed engender a sense of collective and Canadian sentiment. It was the first time that Canadian troops accommodated together and fought as a Unit under a Canadian commander to take the ridge at Vimy. It was a ridge that others from other nations had fought to take and couldn't. As a military battle, composed of Canadian troops, it commenced the collective pride that went towards shaping Canadian

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