1. Is Hamlet Mad Or Just Pretending?

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I. Is Hamlet mad or just pretending? A. He shows many signs of being crazy or insane. It is all an act to avenge his father’s death. A ghost explains how the murder was committed and Hamlet begins a plan to kill King Claudius, his uncle-father. B. He is at times erratic, nervous, and impulsive, but other times very focused and intentional. He is rude, cruel and cunning in his attempt to convince others he is crazy and avoid suspicion. II. Hamlets behavior is only an act. That is how he interacts with other characters in the play. A. The first indication Hamlet is pretending to be mad is him telling Horatio and Marcellus not to mention the ghost or his planned “madness”. He appears mad to Ophelia when he comes to her wild-eyed

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