Villains In The Film Megamind

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In pop culture, the line between good and evil is defined. One is black and one is white and that’s all there is to it. While growing up and watching these roles play against each other, one begins to believe that’s how the world is: Hitler was wrong, Gandhi was right. It because of this that I would choose to accept the role of villain. It is in every story that the hero goes on a journey and ends it by defeating the bad guy and getting the girl. Even in the film Megamind, it happens. I grew up watching the villains in Disney and Dreamworks film being conquered; my face was pressed to the screen as Simba defeated Scar. Despite all of this, we never heard the back story of the bad guy. Why did he turn evil? Why did he rebel? Whenever their backstory is brought up, it’s always superficial and it’s never elaborated upon.…show more content…
I wouldn’t want to be brushed aside as usual; that alone may end up being the reason why I would rebel. Instead, I would want to be parallel to the hero. Just as we watch the hero grow and become strong and realize their true destiny, I would want the viewers to watch me grow and understand what went wrong and why I acted as such. The recent Disney princess flick Frozen shows almost this. Even if she is not the villain, Elsa is presented to the audience as the villain character should be. They watch as she is consumed by fear and anxiety and allows the people to relate and understand her actions. They may disagree, but they at least get why she did

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