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Productive mathematical classroom discourse allows students to concentrate on reasoning and sense making; it allows teachers to reflect on students’ understanding and to stimulate mathematical thinking (NCTM, 2104). A classroom where productive classroom discourse is present is a classroom where students are presenting problem solutions, making conjectures about mathematical relationships, proving why mathematical processes work, but mainly it is a classroom where students are challenging others to think explicitly about the mathematics they are learning (NCTM, 2014). The use of visual representations is a great way to use productive discourse in the classroom. “Visual representations are of particular importance in the mathematics classroom, helping students to advance their understanding of mathematical concepts and procedures, making sense of problems, and engage in mathematical discourse” (Arcavi 2003; Stylianou and Silver 2004 as…show more content…
Johnson (1982) discusses how questioning can promote classroom discourse by putting emphasis on discussion, rather than on lecture-based activities. An example of a technique to engage students in discourse would be to try to pause after a question (Johnson, 1982). Recent studies indicate that many teachers only pause for a second after asking a question, which limits the type of students who can respond; pausing three to four seconds after a question will allow slower thinkers to respond, which will bring amazing results (Johnson, 1982). Another example would be try to never call on a particular student before asking the question (Johnson, 1982). When a teacher calls on a particular student before a question, all of the other students will completely stop listening to the question and wait until another is asked (Johnson, 1982). It is important for all students to listen to questions and be ready to answer at any given time (Johnson

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