Victimtization In Criminal Justice System Essay

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Every criminal offence leads to the production of victims, who generally act as a mere information holder or witnesses who create a pathway and helps the courts and state to punish the offenders under a criminal trial. The main intent of the criminal judiciary system is to provide redressal to the victims and solution to the issues which concerns them the most. But however the history is quite evident that the redressal of victimization of these victims or any kind of support required by the victims for their benefit was never an easy task under the Indian criminal justice system. Until 1970s the victims of crime were a forgotten entity in the criminal justice system. The attitude began to change as the discipline of victimology came into its own. The past few decades have witnessed a revolution in the way society deals with victims of crime. Many countries have now recognized the need to provide services to victims to help them recover from the effects of crime and assist them in their dealings with the criminal justice system. But in India, there has not been any significant improvement in the position of victims in the criminal justice system .…show more content…
protection, restitution, assistance, compensation etc.) of the victims in the Indian criminal justice system. Our Hon’ble system approached the pioneering changes for the victims of the crimes under which compensation scheme to these victims was one major step taken on the national as well as on the international platform as the financial help to the victims could be a significant help which can lessen down their burden to some or the extent. Victim compensation is one of the major aspects in reparation of the harm or injury caused to the victim due to the commission of the crime

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