Utopia Book Comparison

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The book Utopia perfectly shows people an imagined world, and by comparing it with real world – the European countries at that time, Thomas More tries to unfold his dissatisfaction about the current situations, especially the laws and the social structures in the Europe, and he also somehow offers answers that he believes could solve those social evils. The relationship of the two Books is simple – while Book One reveals the reality, Book Two includes what More believed as a perfect nation. Moreover, More uses different narrative ways in the two books: in Book One, he presented conversations and debates between the characters, while in Book Two, he classifies all the descriptions into several categories and expands each in details. In general,…show more content…
Even the kings only prefer to acquire new lands instead of governing well those they already have (More 15). Those descriptions reveal that in the Europe, people held power do not really focus on how to create a better society and a more comfortable life for ordinary citizens. Yet, situations in Utopia are totally different. First, the society treats everyone equally, and all the people share everything equally (More 53). Also, because almost all the population is neither idle ore occupied in useless trades (More 47), they would have enough resources to distribute to each citizen, which makes no gaps between the rich and the poor but everyone is satisfied and living in good conditions. Also, More considers the society in a whole and compares both societies, saying that in the Europe, not only the noblemen but also people of every social rank “are given to ostentatious dress and gluttonous greed”, and they all enjoy the crooked game, “in which money slips away so fast” (More 20). Yet, in Utopia, such games were totally banned, because there is no chance to loaf or any pretext for evading work (More
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