To Build A Fire, By Jack London

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Have you ever heard someone say they’re book smart or street smart? In “To Build a Fire” by Jack London, this expression can make you think what is really more important to have. Jack London’s literary styles are ones that define his stories. London’s literary techniques are shown through the conflicts, symbols, irony, and how the story is an interesting and powerful story. The story begins with a man and his one companion, a dog, is set out into the Yukon Territory to find gold. The man strays off the trail to try and find a short cut back to the camp he is determined to get to. While he is trudging his way through feet of snow, he has many occurrences that foreshadow his fate. He breaks through ice and falls into water, builds a perfect fire then leaves it,…show more content…
Finally, London’s literary style of irony is another strong technique. The man is told by the wise elder that the conditions of the Yukon Territory are treacherous. The man does not listen and ignores the wisdom. It is ironic because he could easily escape his fate by not going, but he chooses not to. Another irony is the animal survives when it almost dies. The man went to kill the dog and use it for warmth. The dog escapes its death by using its instinct and leaving the man. The third irony is that the man thinks he will win over nature. He goes into the Yukon Territory thinking he will live and be fine. The man thinks wrong. He, ironically, gets defeated by nature and later on dies by underestimated nature’s powers. This story is interesting and powerful because it illustrates how strong nature really is. Mankind is nothing compared to the abilities nature has. It gives a powerful meaning on how Jack London is a naturalist and how important it is to have good instincts along with intellect. Jack London has many literary styles and techniques that define his works. Through his use of conflicts, symbols, and irony, one is able to see his best literary
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