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About 88% of teens from the ages 13-17 have access to a mobile phone(Matchan). And that percentage is going up everyday, and teens are eager to use them in classrooms. Some teachers sometimes allow their students to use their phones for educational apps in class. Parents also support cell phones in classrooms so their kid can contact them for rides home, after school activities and emergencies. Even though cell phones are thought to not belong in classrooms, students should be able to use their phones in class. For one cell phones can be used for taking quizzes or tests, they can also be used for fact checking/a dictionary, lastly they can be used as calendars/planners. The first reason for using cell phones in class is, taking quizzes or tests will save you a lot of time. “this is probably one of the most interesting and revolutionary uses of the mobile phone in the classroom. Students can now take quizzes and tests on their mobile phone that were created earlier by their teacher. In this way, teachers can gain valuable real-time insight into the knowledge of their students and the…show more content…
“no more forgetfulness or confusion about exam dates or submission deadlines. Now you have applications that allow you to synchronize calendars.”(Leyden). Students can use their cell phones for keeping track of when all their assignments are due. In most schools students carry around a planner that they fill out for each class, but instead of carrying a planner you can have your phone in your pocket ready to have your assignments typed into. A lot of students might forget about an assignment being due because they didn’t get a reminder. With a cell phone it will notify you when you need it to, like right after school. Nevertheless students sometimes lose their phones but it is a lot easier to lose a planner, because a phone is most likely more important to a student, and will be harder to

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