The Hero's Journey In 'Assassins Creed Black Flag'

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All heroes are similar to each other; they basically follow a pattern called the hero’s quest cycle. Edward Kenway is an assassin/pirate hero that follows this cycle as well. In Assassins Creed Black flag, Edward shows how heroic he is by fulfilling three cycles of the hero’s quest cycle. Edward gets called to an adventure by the pirates and assassins and would never forget what happened. Making alliances with the Assassins as well as fighting foes such as the Templars then tests Edward mentally and physically. And finally settling the conflict with the enemies he fought in the beginning that led him to the adventure in his resurrection. Therefore demonstrating the classical hero model in Edwards journey. “The call to adventure: Something…show more content…
He battles many foes that cross lines with him. He gets tested mentally and physically on the decisions he chooses. He gets tested when he was trying to free the “Sage” from being tortured. When he fails this test he gets captured and sent to a prison compound or “brig” of a large galleon. He meets other captives who later became his crewmates; they worked together to break free from the cells, re-armed themselves, fought through guards and then stole a ship, which was later named the Jackdaw. He meets his enemies when he continued a mission from a man that he killed. He disguised himself as Duncan Walpole, and head to Governor Torres’s mansion in the Cape Buena Vista. He then talks to Torres about his reward for completing the mission, but Torres decides talks about a secret society that Edward will soon be a part of. This secret society was the “Templars”, the same ones who burned his family’s house to the ground. He then realized that Torres and everyone in the Templar organization are enemies and rebelled against them. Edward finds more allies when he met a male pirate named James Kidd who is actually a female assassin named Mary Read. She takes him into a temple, the assassin hideout, where Edward learns why Templars and Assassins exist and why the Assassins and Templars are at war with each…show more content…
He or she is purified by a last sacrifice, another moment of death and rebirth, but on a higher and more complete level. By the hero’s action, the polarities that were in conflict at the beginning are finally resolved.” Edward finally gets his resurrection. At the climax, he gets tested once more but on a higher level. His test is to defeat the sage who betrayed him because of power that corrupted him and 2 Templars he had a conflict with in the beginning of his journey. He went to Kingston to silence Rogers and find the whereabouts of Robert the sage. When he sailed to Africa and made contact with Roberts ship, Edward went to battle. But when Robert was about to die, he asked Edward If he accomplished the peace he received. Edward said “I’m not aiming for so high as that, for what is peace but a confusion between two wars?” Robert was amazed because he saw the new reborn Edward, a man that is now much wiser. After that Edward made haste to the Observatory where Torres the Templar was. After winning the spar, he said to Torres “Killing you rights a far greater wrong than I ever did.” Then talks about the power of the observatory explain the wrong it will cause on the wrong hands. Edward finally resolved the conflicts in the beginning of his adventure. Through the completion of these stages, Edward gets purified and reborn a new man that was much wiser and smarter than the old

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