Abbott's Social Media Analysis

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With the advancement of technology, the use of social media outlets has grown exponential over the years. This type of technology has gathered more followers amongst the younger generation than any other type of media. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are amongst the many social media sites used by today’s society. Since our President, Barak Obama, has entered office, more political leaders have started using social media to grab the attention of the younger generation. Elected leaders should treat social media just like they would a public speaking forum. Even though sites, such as Twitter, are used for short thoughts with no filter, politicians must examine their thoughts more carefully before publicizing. The best option would be to think of something they want to broadcast, then edit and consider the outcome of what they post.…show more content…
Most of the things that is posted on Abbott’s Facebook correlates with the stuff on his Twitter. He addresses the same issues he would if he spoke at a public setting. The only kind of personal things he addresses are leaning toward congratulating others. Overall, Abbott’s social media reflects who he is and what he stands for. Dan Patrick, as a Lieutenant Governor, parallels the same themes as Abbott. His social media sites also resemble where he stands and how he personally acts in real life. He also stands firm on his Christian values, for example, he posts Bible versus every once in awhile. On his Facebook more than his Twitter, he posts pictures of events he has attended. Patrick tends to post more than Abbott concerning causes he believes in. In general, Patrick’s social media sites also portray the ideas he campaigned

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