Police Case Summary

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On september 26, 2015, at or about 2250 hours at the location of 5631 pembroke road which is located within the jurisdictional limits of the city of hollywood, within broward county and the state of florida the above named defendant did unlawfully and willfully obstruct or oppose this officer, officer alban badge number 3359, who is a duly qualified and legally authorized enforcement officer of the hollywood police department in the lawful execution of a legal duty, then being performed by said officer`s to-wit: tensing, pulling bracing while attempting to place the defendant into custody, in that said defendant did attempt to break away from the above mentioned officers and my control. Without the said defendant offering or doing violence of officer`s involved. on…show more content…
While in the area i observed a black male operating a bicycle with no light during the hours of darkness, traveling west bound in the 5600 block of Pembroke Road. I made contact with the black male, later identified as KISHAWN ESTRILL, herein after referred to as the arrestee. upon making contact with the arrestee, I observed him sweating profusely and shaking. it was obvious to me that he was nervous of police presence. I advised the arrestee that he was being detained, due to the equipment violation. While speaking with the arrestee he was verbally hostile and refused to answer simple questions. due to the arrestee being on a bicycle, where his hands were free and unobstructed allowing him to have quick and easy access to his waistband and pockets, i advised him that I would be conducting a Terry Patdown for
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