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Israel Rosenwald is a Holocaust survivor that had to face many difficult challenges living during World War II. He struggled to keep himself and his family alive during this tough and challenging time for the Jews. He took many risks and lost some of the people that he cares about the most in the world. One of the risk he took was to bring his sister to his parents that were hiding with the possibility of getting caught. Here’s his story. Back during World War II, Israel was a Jew that was forced into a ghetto along with his family. His father burned his legs off working and became disabled. His family knew that his father will be terminated if he couldn’t be of any use to the Germans, so he and his wife decided to execute a plan to hide away from the Germans. Israel didn’t know about the plan and became worried that he would never see his parents…show more content…
He was able to take a risk that would’ve meant life or death for himself and his sister, something that I would never be able to. To be put into the position that he was put in is a challenging one. He was extremely brave to take the responsibility of transporting his sister to his “illegal” parents. He knew that if he was caught then he and his sister would face severe punishments, which might’ve included being killed or tortured. I can relate to him as I’ve also taken many risks in my life, albeit nothing like what he had to deal with. Every single day I take risks. I know what it feels like to take a gamble and either lose what you have or succeed. Every time I discover that an action I’ll do might lead to some negative consequences, I think about it to see if the risks are worth it for what I’m trying to do. In Israel’s case, he thought that it would be worth it to be the one to bring his sister to his parents at the risk of being caught. Although his efforts would eventually be in vain, I still respect him for taking that risk, one that I would probably never be able to

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