Trung Nguyen Case Study

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Expanding brand • Threats -Trung Nguyen has focused too much on the wide development of the brand and they forgot to develop image, style and design furniture => the unique competitive advantage that helps them level up. From the latest years (2013-2015), we saw the revenue and reputation brand of Trung Nguyen were still stable, however, it only the tip of the iceberg. The thing that Trung Nguyen has neglected in improving brand image and flavor diversifying has made them lost a small domestic market share to foreign comers. In addition, Vietnamese people have the intention of buying and trusting more in foreign brand instead of the domestic brand; as a result, they will easily switch to other brands that make them interesting. -Loss of orientation and confusion in policy, strategy, and management when expanding the brand in the…show more content…
Trung Nguyen chooses best cost as the main strategy; as a result, all lines of products has very acceptable and competitive price when compared to their rival such as Vinacafe, Nescafe, Highland coffee. They are very proactive in searching good raw materials and they also have own coffee farms. Therefore, their product price is competitive. In terms of customer value proposition, it means that a marketing statement about a specific product with well-defined and persuasive content revealing the benefit of buyers when buying this product. A business often uses a customer value proposition as a part of its marketing strategy, rather than use it internally among staff, suppliers or distributors. Trung Nguyen has always sent a message to every product that they give the most Vietnamese taste to the customer. And from the taste of coffee, the way to enjoy, it is very close to the Vietnamese culture. For such reasons, Trung Nguyen has many loyal customers, and they perceived Trung Nguyen as a national coffee

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