Bipity Boopity Boo, By Charles Prrault

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Cinderella “Bipity bopity boo,” may be the famous quote from the fairytale fiction, Cinderella, written by Charles Prrault. This book has captured the imagination of many people, of all ages, toddlers, children, youth, adults, and the elderly. I believe, the author was very creative and had a great imagination. He also was unrealistic. This fairytale, fiction is based on the problems of Cinderella, a young lady forced to live with her stepmother and stepsisters after her father’s death under unjust condition. One day, the prince sends out an invitation, to every house in the kingdom, for a royal ball for bachelorettes. Cinderella and her stepsister’s are excited about attending the royal ball and start to plan. Stepmother tells Cinderella on the day of the ball, that she has to finish all of her chores before she go to the royal ball. Stepmother intentionally gives Cinderella a multitude of chores, knowing that she cannot finish before the royal ball. Feeling ecstatic, Cinderella hurries to complete her tasks. When Cinderella realizes that she cannot finish all of her chores before the royal…show more content…
She turns a pumpkin into a carriage, three mice into coaches, and an old raggedy dress into a beautiful white dress, but she tells her that all the magic will end once the clock strikes twelve. Trying to waste no time, Cinderella hurries to the royal ball. When Cinderella arrives at the royal ball, the prince asks for a royal dance with her. When the dance was almost done, Cinderella realizes that the clock was about to strike twelve. She hurries away and while running she leaves her glass slipper behind. Desperately trying to ask Cinderella her name, the prince runs after her, but it was too late, Cinderella was gone. In desperate need of trying to find Cinderella, the next day, the prince sends out his servants with the glass slipper, to see which woman in the kingdom is

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