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MacBeth: The Tragic Hero William Shakespeare’s “MacBeth”, a tragic play, follows the protagonist’s downfall due to a character flaw. This flaw instigates a series of unfortunate events that ends in the protagonist’s destruction. By definition, a tragic hero is someone of nobility who suffers, arouses pity or fear in the audience, and is eventually brought down by a tragic flaw. MacBeth is the protagonist of noble birth whose weak nature and ability to be manipulated is his major flaw which leads to his suffering, doomed death, and the audience’s pity. MacBeth is a nobleman of Scotland. He fights in honor of the king. However, when three witches tell him he will be the next king, MacBeth begins to believe them. “I am Thane of Cawdor:… Whose horrid image doth unfix my hair and make my seated heart knock at my…show more content…
Unfortunately, MacBeth is very weak and easily manipulated by those around him. He quickly believes the witches’ foretelling that he is going to become king and gives in to his wife’s plan to kill the king. MacBeth fulfills the prediction and becomes king, but he knows he is in “borrowed robes” (Scene III, Act I). He cannot handle the burden of keeping such a dark secret nor can he come to terms with committing the murder. MacDuff seeks to kill MacBeth so that the wickedness may be vanished from the land. He is successful and beheads MacBeth. This is the final painful moment for MacBeth and his moment of ultimate demise. Throughout the play the audience listens to MacBeth’s soliloquys that truly show what a pitiful state he is in. The audience sees how he no longer wants to live with such a heavy conscience. The audience eventually sympathizes with MacBeth for all the guilt and pain he feels. MacBeth fits the definition of a tragic hero because he is brought down by his tragic flaw of weakness and ability to be manipulated, suffers immensely, and instills pity in the

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