Trauma Surgeon Research Paper

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Tarek Algabyali September 8th, 2015 As I was growing up, I never knew what I wanted to be, what I wanted to do with my life, what would be my career in life. I listened to all my friends talk about how they wanted to become a pilot, engineer, architect, and so on. It was not until my sophomore year of high school where I knew where I should apply my leadership skill and my ability to excel at my work under pressure. I was watching a documentary on different professions in life and that is where I came across the profession of becoming a trauma surgeon. I believe the best specialty for any doctor would be trauma. Trauma surgeons are what defines a doctor. They are the ones that work to their best ability to save a patients life on the spot, they do not just send a patient home with a prescription. To become a trauma surgeon, one needs to be able to focus and make the right calls under intensive pressure. I did not realize that I was…show more content…
I was riding the train to school when all of a sudden, an average sized women fainted near me. Before she was able to hit the chair, I was able to catch her and set her down on the floor easily. It was only me and another gentleman that were attempting to see if the women was alright. Luckily, I had fresh ice cold water on the side of my school bag. So I opened it, poured a little on her face and gave some of the water to her to drink. She was back up on her seat and was responsive again. Although it was just a girl that fainted and nothing serious, it was the closest that I had ever gotten to help someone that was in need of it. The rush and adrenaline felt great because I was the first one to respond and I took charge and did whatever I need to do to help this women regain conscience. For the rest of the train ride, all I felt was the need to do it again, I felt valuable and I saw myself doing this for the rest of my

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