Toyota Corolla Comparison

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Texas is a relatively bigger in size compared to other states in America. Living in New York and Chicago, was easier for me because of easy and frequent transportation facility. When I came in Texas, transportation services was not so good. Cabs were not available in most of the urban areas and few trains were in service. That is when I bought my first car; Toyota Corolla. One year later I bought my second car; Honda Civic. Riding both of these cars, I always compared them with each other. Two similarities between Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic are their cost and comfort; two differences are their size and safety. Budget was a very big issue at the time when I was in desperate need of a car to travel to my college and other destinations. I had to use cab every time and cabs in Dallas were very expensive. I started searching for cheap and durable used-cars that would last for at least one year without any major mechanical problems. I was shocked when I learned about Toyota corolla because the budget I had set to buy a used-car was more than enough to buy new…show more content…
My friends did not have car and were facing same transportation problems like I did when I came in Texas. I wanted to buy a car with enough space for four people to fit in and travel long distance without any difficulty. My friends agreed to pay for the fuel if I helped them regarding their travel issues. Toyota Corolla easily fitted all four of us. It had huge space where everybody could stretch their legs. The back trunk had more free space than we needed. Me and my three friends had lots of fun in Toyota Corolla during our road trip. In contrast, Honda Civic was not so spacious like Toyota Corolla. Honda Civic was shorter in height and length. Being a coupe model, Honda Civic was two door car with limited space for only two people including a driver. The trunk of Honda Civic was relatively smaller but it sufficient for my

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