Has Football Become Too Violent Essay

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Has Football Become too Violent Football has changed a lot in the last ten years. Some of the biggest changes in football have been the rule changes and concussion. There has been an increasingly alarming rate of concussions in football and CTE in football in the last couple years. Many parents are afraid to have their kids play football now because of CTE and concussions. The NFL has lead the way in trying to make the game more safer and creating more awareness about concussions. The new changes in the rules regarding football have made it safer, but at a cost less people are playing and watching it now than ever. Some Parents and players are afraid football has become too violent to play. Recent rule changes in the NFL have contained looser rules on celebrations after scoring touchdowns, targeting, and if you get two personal fouls you may be kicked out…show more content…
There are very minimal symptoms with CTE in a living person. Some signs of possible having CTE are depression, anger, aggression, and other symptoms also associated with alzheimer's. CTE develops around a brain a cause a certain protein build that lead to those symptoms. The build up of this protein can only be detected after death. New research has also found that not concussions, but repeated head trauma can lead to CTE which means everyone is at risk. Some concerns NFL players have concerned about rules and hits regarding football has been blind side blocks, launching, low hits on quarterbacks, and leaping over linemen during PAT. Blind side blocks is one of the leading concerns. A blind side block is when a player blocks another player that is not in a defensive position or engaged in a block. This is also sometimes referred to as a crack block. Another major concern is illegal helmet to helmet hits. This is one of the leading causes in concussions in the

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