To Waken An Old Lady Figurative Language

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The poem To Waken an Old Lady by William Carlos Williams is a poem that focuses on the traits of old age. Having finish reading the poem, my response and experience was naturally influenced by the amount of literary poetic elements used by the author William Carlos Williams. As a result, the use of poetic elements, form and content were of great importance to the entire poem as a whole. Frankly it made me to as the reader focus specifically on the occurrence of old age. The main elements that stood out is metaphor along with other figurative language such as personification symbolism rhyme alliteration. William portrays how old age is like a pack of small cheeping birds which are bright and energetic despite…show more content…
Just as birds are struck by a wind, old people are struck by disease and weakness. The other language found in the poem is personification example in the sentence “they are buffeted by a dark wind”. In the sentence a dark wind as if it is person who is able to beat the small cheeping birds. Other personification the flock has rested which the flock is considered if it was a group of people and also in the same personification “the wind tempered by a shrill piping of plenty” in which the wind is portrayed to the ability of doing something as if it is a real person. The other figurative language element is rhythm in this poem is in the author's use of run on lines/ sentences in which the the line runs into the next line, as well as the frequent use of loose rhyme. Lines 1-6, separated, essentially together form one smooth thought to the next. The author William Carlos Williams also implements symbolism and sound symbolism as if the old age is flight of small birds is author basically describing old people another example can be from line 5 to 6 describing h the trees just like old people are close to their death and the snow represents the

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