How To Be An Automotive Mechanic Essay

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Automotive Mechanics “It will be hard work. It’s always hard work, and hard work from everybody within the team- technical director, mechanics, drivers, engineers-everyone in the team” (“David Leslie”). This quote was said by David Leslie about the importance of having or being a automotive mechanic. Some of the daily tasks of a mechanic are plugging tires, repairing brakes, repairing steering, and could also repair the engine itself. Being a mechanic would be an ideal or dream job because of the Job Security, excellent pay/benefits and it is hands on. Job security is a big advantage of being a automotive mechanic because one will always have a job. There will always be cars for transportation so one will always need mechanics to fix them. People will always have car problems so being a mechanic has great job security. One would have to deal with many problems such as brakes, tire rotations and a lot of work on the engine itself. One could work in a independent shops which is giving people more opportunities for getting a job as a mechanic. Some of the shops could be pep boys, ntb and much more. One will be able to fix their friends cars…show more content…
One would make excellent pay and gets amazing benefits. One could easily make 23,327 to 61,176 dollars a year for making repairs on all vehicles possible (“Automotive Technician”). Also, one could anywhere from 10.16 to 25.96 dollars an hour and on average of 17.63 dollars an hour (“Automotive Technician”). One would make money during their daily tasks such as alignment checks, brakes, cutting rotors and putting air in the tire to make it a drive for everyone. One would get health benefits and excellent insurance. Such as car, home and medical insurance. One also would be working in a friendly environment and have a lot of kind co workers when be an automotive mechanic. These are some of the reasons that automotive mechanics make excellent pay and

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