To Kill A Mockingbird Essays: Differences Between Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice follows the life of the Bennet family and their struggle of trying to get there two eldest daughters married. Along the way they encounter many people, some great and some not so great. Many of them had been affected from being very prideful and being prejudice because of themselves or the other person. It appears very often in the book. It appears between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth, between Elizabeth and Mr. Collins. It even appears between Mrs. Bennet and Mr. Bingely. In those encounters it shows that the difference between pride and prejudice is that pride means being satisfied with yourself or your accomplishments as appose to prejudice which means opinions based on your own thoughts and not on facts. In between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth theres a lot of pridefulness and prejudice, especially coming from Mr. Darcy side. Mr. Darcy was very prejudice in the beginning of their relationship because he felt that Elizabeth was nothing in the sense of a social structure because she wasn't in the same social class as he was. Although he wasn't prideful…show more content…
Collins is a completely different character than Mr. Darcy. He isn't as prejudice as he is prideful. He may be the most prideful character of all which is ironic because in all honesty he doesn't have anything to offer to any one. Although he is prejudice towards the female in general and especially to Elizabeth because he thinks that Elizabeth is just a lonely female desperate to marry anyone that comes her which we all know is not the deal. She doesn't need anyone and she especially doesn't need a fat little man with prejudices that wont be changed at all. In chapter 19 Mr Collins states “I know it to be established custom of your sex to reject on the first application, and perhaps you have even now said as much to encourage my suit as would be consistent with the true delicacy of the female character.”(Austen 82). This just shows how much of a prejudice person Mr. Collins is to the female

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