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The feelings of being unwanted and lonely also accompanied with self-hatred seem to be that type of feeling that sinks down low in your heart, yet always linger somewhere in your mind while taking you on a path of depression. Mother Teresa once said, “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted are the greatest poverty.” Adeline has thought that. She has experienced those feelings, but somehow in the end, gets through it. This true story by Adeline Yen Mah herself, shows her hardships and takes you on a journey of loneliness, the feeling of being unwanted, and just how how those feelings are the greatest poverty. Adeline is a lonely girl at home and sometimes at school. She goes to school everyday having, “inside me a dreadful loneliness, a secret I could never share.” (p.55) Adeline is lonely everyday and is also lonely at school because she doesn’t feel like she could share this with her friends. This shows that Adeline is lonely most of the time. When she is hospitalized Mary Suen visited her. “She was my one and only visitor.” Mary Suen also tells Adeline that she comes because she lives nearby and has nothing better to do. This means that no one had actually cared enough to make time in…show more content…
She tries to keep the pretense of coming from a loving family but still, “simply loathed myself and wished I could disappear.” (p.55) She seems to be depressed because of the self-hatred. Depression is a sad thing that feels like a poverty that always hangs by you. While on the plane, when her dad was filling out her information, “I meant so little to him, I was such a nobody, that he didn’t even know my name.” Having her father not know her own name makes her feel worthless, unneeded, and unloved. She feels as if this is the worst feeling that she could have. The terrible feeling of being unwanted and lonely are some of the worsts feeling Adeline has, but they are in her

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