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Throughout time, people have tried to be like one another. People have competed with each other to see who will win the fair maiden’s hand. In the case of an artist, their reputation is the most important thing they can achieve. An artist’s reputation determines what commissions they will receive and the payment they will get. Every artist strives to be or surpass the best. A good example of this is the competition between Tintoretto and Titian. For a short time, Tintoretto was once a student of Titian because Tintoretto was too good, some would say that Titian sent him away. However, Tintoretto didn’t let this deter him and worked to become better than his one time mentor. Did Titian dislike Tintoretto because he was better than him? Was…show more content…
He was born Jacopo Robusti in Venice, Italy in 1518. His artistic career spanned over 60 years. Jacopo carried the nickname of Tintoretto, which means “little dyer” after his father’s profession of cloth dyer. According to Bruce Cole, Tintoretto acted as an apprentice for Titian, but only for a short time before Titian sent him on his way. Tintoretto completed many religious works commissioned by churches. He was also known for portraits of wealthy patrons. Tintoretto’s style was a combination of several artists such as Michelangelo and his mentor,…show more content…
The composition shows Mary ascending up from her grave. The crowd below Mary looks on and upward with devotion on their faces. Mary is adorned in a red dress with blue cloth draped around her waist and along her shoulder. The cloth billows as the wind lifts her to heaven. Her head wears the halo of the divine. Her eyes are drawn heavenward. Mary is surrounded by eleven floating putti heads while her feet rest on the head of the only full bodied putti. Tintoretto used loose brush strokes to emphasize tints and shades within the composition. Tintoretto’s design creates action and his color highlights that action. Many of the men situated below Mary clutch their chests to show their wonder for the divine. The two men positioned in the front portion of the painting are dressed in rags of red and gold. The used of color by Tintoretto is very reminiscent of Titian. It is from Titian that Tintoretto picked up his color style. Tintoretto used his knowledge of color from Titian’s Assumption Of The

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