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Tina Turner is an American singer who was born on November 26, 1939 in the South; her birth name is Anna Mae Bullock. Her ethnic background is mixed; she is part African American because on behalf of her father Floyd Richard Bullock as well as Navajo and Cherokee on behalf of her mother Zelma Bullock. At the early age of only 10, her mother abandoned her family, and then three years later her father left them as well. She had a rough childhood, and was taken care of by family relatives such as her grandmother and cousins. Unfortunately her grandmother died when Turner was 16 years old, therefore she and her sister moved to Saint Louis Missouri, in hopes of reuniting with their mother who they hardly knew anything about. Although it must have been a difficult thing for Tina and her…show more content…
Tina Turner and Ike Turner now had their own music group called the “Ike and Tina Turner Revue,” they had their three back up dancers who jumped around and did similar moves to the ones that Tina did. According to an article from 1971 found in the Ebony Magazine the group began their performances at “little clubs on the ‘chitlin circuit’ throughout the South,” which was a string of performance venues, but they later on began working at bigger places like the International Hotel in Las Vegas and also big rock concerts one being in Madison Square Garden in New York (“Ike & Tina Turner”). The article also went on to say that they would originally make maybe $500 dollars per show but once they started getting bigger and performing at the big rock concerts they would be paid about $15,000, a huge increase. Some of her first most popular, commonly known hits that were sung before her solo career are “River Deep, Mountain High,” and “Proud Mary.” Her live shows were extremely recognizable by the audiences because they were full of energy and

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