Kerri Wals Jennings Role Model

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Dashing through the sand, diving after balls, getting up quickly so the kill is made are all things Kerri Walsh has done thousands of times. Greatest sand volleyball player of all time is not a title that is just handed to anyone. Kerri Walsh- Jennings is a very admired volleyball player. She plays beach volleyball professionally, but that is only the beginning of her exciting and remarkable skills. Kerri Walsh- Jennings is a commendable role model, the greatest female sand volleyball player in the world, and is an active, affectionate family member. Kerri Walsh has made many memorable Olympic appearances. Kerri’s first Olympic appearance was not in Beach Volleyball; it was in Indoor Volleyball. She played on the U.S. Indoor volleyball team, and they received a fourth place finish in Sydney, Australia (DiGiacomo). Kerri and her partner Misty May- Trainer placed gold…show more content…
The best sportsperson and other closely related titles are the kind of claims that mean more for an individual. Anyone can train at great extents, but being a down to earth good person takes just as much work or maybe more, and Kerri Walsh- Jennings is such a great example for those entitlements. Although Kerri is the one doing all the work and putting in time she is very modest. She gives a lot of credit to her partners, for she is a very creditable person. She also gives a lot of credit to her coach whom she admired very much. Coach Marcio Sicoli was the coach who trained Kerri and helped her become the athlete she is today (“Kerri Walsh: Ready for Battle”). He was an assistant for the Women’s Brazilin Olympic beach volleyball team for 2000 through 2004 (“Kerri Walsh: Ready for Battle”). Although being a native of Brazil, he still put the same amount of dedication for the American team and without him, Kerri and the others would not have been the same (“Kerri Walsh: Ready for

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