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Could you survive in an abusive relationship? Tina Turner was born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939 in Nutbush. Her parents were Floyd Richards and Zelma Bullock (Hasday, 18). She and her sister were sent to Tennessee while her parents left. In 1944, she and Alline were reunited with their parents and sent back to Nutbush that summer (Hasday, 23). She gave birth to her first son, Craig on August 20, 1958 (Hasday, pg. 42) and her second son, Ronald on October 27, 1960 (Hasday, 52). Tina Turner was one of the strongest physical abuse survivors. In the book, Tina Turner, Judy L. Hasday states that, Tina Turner dealt with 17 years of physical abuse from her husband, Ike Turner. Ike met Tina i East St. Louis. It was the name change of Tina’s…show more content…
On July 4, 1976, Tina fought back and escaped in Dallas (Hasday, 73). As she left him in the hotel room she thought, “You just beat me for the last time, you sucker”. She ran away with only 36 cents and a gas card (Hasday, 74). Tina had her hotel call Ike and tell him that she wanted a divorce (Hasday, 77). On March 1978, Ike and Tina officially divorced (biography.com). Tina wanted to keep her professional name and to gain her freedom, she stated, “my life’s more important” (Hasday, 79). In an interview for Ladies’ Home Journal, she was asked why she stayed with Ike and she answered with, “I was afraid of him.” She also said, “I didn’t fight back because I thought it would be over quicker if I didn’t….” (Hasday, 56). In the book, Tina Turner, Judy L. Hasday states that to get her life back, Tina met Valerie Bishop and practiced Buddhism with her. Tina also believed that the positive turn of events that occurred after she began chanting was a direct result of her new spiritualism (Hasday, 70). She published her autobiography, I, Tina in 1986…show more content…
At the 1985 Awards Ceremony Tina was nominated for 5 awards and received 3 that night (Hasday, 11). Her 1984 album, Private Dancer, sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. In 1960, “A Fool In Love” became a huge R&B success (biography.com). In 1986, she released her 2nd solo album, Break Every Rule (Hasday, 88). In 1991, she and Ike were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (biography.com). In 1996, at age 57, she released her album Wildest Dreams (Hasday, 93) Her Wildest Dreams tour started on May 3, 1996 she performed 250 shows in 45 cities without any cancellations (Hasday, 94). In July-2013 she married Erwin Bach in Zurich, Switzerland. She is now semi-retired and makes rare appearances and recordings (biography.com). Tina Turner is a very strong

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