Tim O Brien's The Boy Who Dared

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Characters: In the novel The Boy Who Dared, the main character is Helmuth Hubener. The other characters are his two best friends Karl and Rudi. His family includes two half brothers Gerhard and Hans. Mutti is Helmuth’s mother and recently gets married to a man named Hugo. Helmuth and his friends are good friends with a priest, Brother Worbs. The novel contains historical elements to each of the characters. Helmuth was in schools learning all about Nazi’s and wars to later join the army. The teacher and all the students all supported the Nazi’s and well respected them, except Helmuth. Helmuth would even listen to an old radio of what is really going on in the other counties. Karl and Rudi agree with Helmuth and listen to the radio too. They…show more content…
The first main event was when Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany and took control. It is historical because in Germany during the nine teen hundreds this did happen. It deeply did affect Germany in a negative way. Secondly, Helmuth’s new father, Hugo signs him for a Hitler Youth group/school. During this time period Hitler Youth groups were a big thing for young boys who were most likely going to go to the war. It is historical because those groups do not exist today, and only existed during the Holocaust. Next, Gerhard, Helmuth’s brother is sent off to war into other countries. His transportation was trains. Many times in history boys were sent off to war, but the transportation of train has changed. Now it is usually planes, cars, trucks etc. Additionally, when Helmuth, Rudi, Karl started to rebel, they listened to portable radios about the truth with the war in other countries. Usually today people watch the news or look events up on the internet. Back then it was different and people used radios. Later on, the three of them used papers and fliers to get the word out to the town about them rebeling. If a person wanted to do that they would text or some sort. There was none of that during the ninetine hundreds. As a result, the boys used that straghty to spread the word about their rebel. Lastly, when Helmuth and his friends were caught, they were transported to a concentration camp. Concentration camps were for the traitors and Jewish people. Concentration camps are historical because that is when they were used, during wars. These are the main events and how they are

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