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A person's personality is shown, not told. As young kids, we are told to not “judge a book by its cover”. However, some say you can judge by their physical appearance. But on the other hand, people say,” you have to see what's inside, rather than the outside.” In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel, Purple Hibiscus, he illustrates a character through laughter by showing, not telling. This character is recognized as Aunty Ifeoma. Aunty Ifeoma is Papa’s sister, and Kambili’s aunty. Through laughter, Adichie reveals Aunty Ifeoma's personality by showing that her affection, view of life, and being rebellious against social norms. Aunty Ifeoma affection is shown through laughter. Aunty Ifeoma’s affection was shown in the beginning of chapter 16, when she entered Kambili's home after not seeing each other for a long time. Kambili said, “ Her laughter floated upstairs into the living room, where I sat reading. She did not give me the usual brief side hug. She clasped me into her arms and held me tightly against the softness of her body” (Adichie 70). The phrase, “ She clasped me into her arms and held me tightly against the softness of her body”, meant that Aunty Ifeoma is a very caring and loving person. Instead of giving a small and light-hearted hug, Aunty Ifeoma showed that she really missed Kambili.…show more content…
They tell us the federal government has no money”( Adichie 76). The novel then said,” Aunty Ifeoma chuckled with little humor”( Adichie 76). The quote shows that Aunty Ifeoma sees the government as a laughing stock, because they’re full of lies. I infer that Aunty Ifeoma isn't pleasent with the Nigerian government. In another quote Aunty Idiomas said,” We should take the children to Abagana for the Aro festival tomorrow” ( Adichie 73). The quote shows that Aunty Ifeoma prefers to be outside and be adventurous. She views life as an opportunity to

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