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People throughout society have had experience with ethical dilemmas, committing unethical acts to benefit someone else. In Nick Cassavetes 2002 film John Q. Denzel Washington portrays John Quincy Archibald a factory worker in the city of Chicago whose son Mike collapses during his little league baseball game. John Q. along with wife Denise rush their son to emergency room, after series of test the Archibald’s sit with a cardiologist Dr. Raymond Turner (James Woods) and a hospital administrator Rebecca Payne. Dr. Turner the cardiologist diagnoses Mike with an enlarged heart and says he will soon need heart transplant that cost $250,000, and a 30 percent down payment of $75,000, the hospital administrator knew that the Archibald’s cannot afford the operation, because of the fact that John’s hours changed…show more content…
Virtue ethics looks at the virtue or the morality of the person’s character rather than their actions. Even though John’s actions may be ethical or unethical but his character phenomenal because he is a father first and he refuses to bury his son even it means to take the law into your own hands. Deontology focuses on the rightness or wrongness of the actions themselves. Deontology is prevalent in the film because many of the characters either do the right thing or commit the wrong acts. For example, Rebecca Payne did the wrong thing by lying desperate mother by telling her son’s name would be on the transplant list. It was also wrong for Mitch to abuse his girlfriend, and it’s wrong for the HMO do not disclose patients of their full diagnosis. It was wrong for John to take people hostage and hold them against their will. John Q. acted irrationally and selfishly he took away the ability for the hostages to get better treatment and completely wasted their time for an unprivileged lunatic trying to save his

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