Ties That Bind: Black Men And Their Families: Article Analysis

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The article I have chosen to do a review on was "Criminal Incarceration Dividing the Ties that Bind: Black Men and their Families". It talked about the incarceration rates and the effect's incarceration has on families. I picked this article because I personally think the effect of not having a mother and or father due to imprisonment greatly impacts children. This is still a huge problem in America today and I’m glad the author sees it.In my paper I will briefly review the article, state the problem and the findings. The article was a qualitative research it wanted to find how the effects of having a mother or father in jail impacted children and the current imprisonment rate of African American males. The dependent variable in this study is the parent that is incarcerated. The independent variable is the children. This was more of an observational research than field research because you had to observe the physical effect of children they couldn’t be tested like normally. Also the study had…show more content…
The only limitation I would say is it don’t talk about the mothers as much as the fathers. In my personal opinion I think the effects would be different. In class we talked about how when a mother goes to jail the child has a better chance of living with a family member or close friend. But when the father goes to jail they have a higher chance of living with a foster parent. This is one topic I really have a passion on because I have a soft spot for children. I also think that’s some parents just don’t know had badly there decisions affect others in their family. I know it’s hard to rebuild relationship once a parent goes to jail because sometimes the parent won’t allow you to see them or even the child themselves might not want to go because the relationship is that broken. Only if there could be more programs to help heal these

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