Three Cups Of Tea By Greg Mortenson And David Oliver Relin

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Three Cups of Tea, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, seems to be a fascinating novel based on the events that occur in Chapters 1-5, pages 7-56. The novel is based on the life of Greg Mortenson, one of the authors himself, on his journey to build schools in one of the most impoverished regions in the world, Korphe Village, Pakistan. However David Oliver Relin, a friend and assistant to Greg Mortenson narrates his journey. The novel opens with Mortenson making his way downhill through rough terrain in Pakistan’s Karakoram Range, attempting to climb K2, the world’s second highest mountain. When Etienne Fine, a fellow climber also on their expedition goes missing, Mortensen realizes that he will soon have to rescue him abandoning his mission to climb K2. Mortensen, physically and mentally exhausted after the rescue, sets out to locate the trail to Askole and instead reaches a small village named Korphe. Here he comes across Haji Ali, the nurmadhar (chief) of the village, who gives Mortenson food and shelter. After realizing that the village has no school Mortenson decides that helping Korphe would be a fitting tribute to Christa and promises Haji that he will return and build a school. He then returns to California seeking for contributions to build his school in Korphe.…show more content…
After sending nearly five hundred-eighty letters to many famous individuals, he eventually gets one response from a wealthy scientist named Jean Hoerni who agrees to provide twelve thousand dollars, the estimate the school will

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