The Wrath Of An Angry God By Johnathan Edwards

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3. The quote is from Johnathan Edwards' [The Wrath of an Angry God.] It describes how God is angry at the sinners, and how He is ready to send them to Hell if they do something to provoke Him. The only reason the sinners are not already in Hell is because God doesn't allow them to leave yet. In terms of God's relation to people, God is waiting for them to mess up and give him a reason to "shoot them down." People are at the mercy of God. His bow and arrow in the passage is a metaphore for his anger and will to send people to Hell when He sees fit. A person can do nothing but repent and turn to Him so that they can prevent their plummet into Hell. (You’ve misidentified the title of the work. Try not to oversimplify the major themes in the work. Yes, the Puritan god will cast people into hell, but how does this relate to major Puritan beliefs? What is that god asking Puritans to do? Is it unreasonable given their current situation? When you explicate a passage, you want to be sure to focus on the specific lines. Right now, you discuss the bow and arrow as a metaphor, but you don’t connect this to something bigger.)…show more content…
The quote is from Edward Taylor's [A Fly Caught in a Spider's Web.] It describes a wasp getting caught in the spider's web, but the spider is cautious of it. This is a metaphore for the belief that a person's will and unshakeable faith in God will save them. In terms of human frailty, if one believes in God

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