Emily Dickinson Annotation

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Emily Dickinson, a master of poetry, exhibits her true supremacy in her poems, that which she never published. Dickinson uses many extraordinary poetic elements in her poems. Her capability is shown in the poems“My Life Closed Twice Before Its End”, “This is My Letter to the World”,and “I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed”, reveal a poetry explication of repeated capitalization, an extended metaphor, and numerous metaphors. The use of the devices hallmark Dickinson’s precise writing style, and tells why Dickinson is a true master of poetry. Dickinson shows an extended metaphor in the poem “My Life Closed Twice Before Its End”. She claims that her life has ended twice resulting from death. Dickinson has not died twice, but when looked at differently, it might have been two awful instances that brought her great suffering. She feels as if the events were so awful her own life has ended, she thinks about how heavy the burden another close death would be and claims it would be “so huge, so hopeless to conceive”, just as traumatizing as the prior two. In the last two sentences of the poem, she compares the world to hell. Dickinson claims that we need heaven, since heaven is where we know all our loved ones who have died live. This extended metaphor showcases Dickinson’s thought process in the poem.…show more content…
There is more than one word in every line, that is capitalized in the poem. Dickinson is capitalizing these words to add emphasis. She also capitalizes to identify the main subjects of a specific line. The capitalized subjects are often paired with their corresponding symbols in the words
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