Christianity In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Protecting a vulnerable person is very rare in this modern world. There are a few people in this universe that will put a person’s needs before theirs. In the incident where an individual puts someone else’s needs before themself, may be the results of his or her faith. Although less likely, Christian faith is known to make individuals go extra limit for a stranger. For instance, Christians are more of a (1) philanthropist compared to an atheist because of their belief. Being a “Good Samaritan” is very risky because there is a higher chance the person might repay your kindness with evil and betrayal. In the novel One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey, there are similarities between McMurphy’s actions and the thought behind Christian’s…show more content…
The black boys, who are known as orderlies (22) loathes the troubled people in the asylum and one of the orderlies (23) caustically pick on Chief Bromden for keeping his gum and scrapes the gum from under Chief’s bed, which makes him feel downcast. Later during the night, McMurphy feeling (24) benevolent and filled with (25) gratis, offers chief a piece of gum “juicy fruit is the best I can do for you at the moment chief…and before I realized what I was doing, I told him thank you” (Kesey 217). McMurphy is able to let a person who has not spoken in years speak and has healed Chief Bromden from his “sickness” of being scared to speak. Mark 7:31-37 from the scriptures of the bible Jesus heals a deaf and mute person by touching his ears and when he was healed, Jesus told them not to tell anybody about it but keep it as a secret. With an allusion, McMurphy after (26) ameliorating Chief Bromden’s problem also tells him not let anyone know yet that he is able to talk and that he should keep his voice down before they hear him. A juicy fruit is something full of juice which taste sweet; with McMurphy giving such type of gum reveals that he only want the best for chief. McMurphy replaces chef’s tasteless gum with a tasty gum pleasing to the taste buds of a human. The characterization of…show more content…
McMurphy eases up this problem for Billy Bibbit by inviting candy to over during the night and also by (28) acclaiming Billy Bibbit about how much of a man he is. By him saying that (29) augments the moral of Billy Bibbit which makes him feel good about himself. When candy comes over, she has a sexual intercourse with Billy Bibbit in the Seclusion Room. The nurse, knowing how to manipulate these people, tells Billy she is going to tell Billy’s poor mother what his son has done. Billy, knowing what the big nurse is capable of doing, states “And M-M-McMurphy! He did. And Harding! And the-the-the rest!”(Kesey 315). With consciousness, humans tend to blame people when they are in a difficult situation if it lessens the problems they are going through. After Billy betrays McMurphy, he commits suicide by cutting his throat, which shows that he regrets what he did and shows great remorse. Due to the coincidence that happened with Bibbit and McMurphy, the nurse calls for a lobotomy on McMurphy and this is foreshadowed earlier in the book when an individual, Ellis “is nailed against the wall in the same condition they lifted him off the tale for the last time, in the same shape, arms out, palms cupped…”(Kesey 16). Just like Billy Bibbit, Jesus’s disciple, Judas, betrays Jesus by showing the people who Jesus was and killed

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