The Odyssey: An Analysis Of Gaia's Theogony

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In the Theogony, the goddess Gaia is a powerful deity. The Theogony also shows her doing certain things, that would make the reader question why she would be doing the things she does. I believe Gaia is acting out to what the male deities had done towards her and her kin, and later on starts to formulate a plan to make sure that the world turns into what she wishes it to be. As for the reason for her acting out towards the male deities, specifically Ouranos and Kronos. Is due to the fact Ouranos forced their children from leaving the earth, being forced to keep the children inside of her, instead of allowing them to grow. At this point Gaia started to formulate a plan as to how she would make sure that the deities would be allowed to grow and that the world would be allowed to progress. Thus she called upon her children and was helped by Kronos. Who then succeed his father in becoming the first king of the world (Powel 88). That was in till Kronos began to do the same thing that his father had tried to do and stop the line of predecessors from succeeding. Gaia then decided to turn towards Zeus, the only child from Kronos who had not been swallowed, in helping take down his father. Gaia afterwards in the Theogony gave Zeus a test to make sure that he would not become his grandfather and father before…show more content…
If not for him, she would not have developed Metis “from the strain, and planned an evil deceitful craft.” (Theog. 160) She lashed out towards Ouranos, due to him not removing himself from her, keeping her children stuck in Earth and not allowing them to grow into powerful deities, which will surpass Ouranos. He had upset her with halting the cycle of life, keeping it bound inside of Gaia. By doing this he had given an idea to Gaia, letting her know that if anyone was to stop the cycle of life again, she would interfere and make sure that they would be

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