The Varieties Of Listening In My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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In the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding many varieties of listening skills were displayed throughout the film. Tula the main character displayed the different phases of listening. She displayed a very reluctant listening style in the beginning. Her father had preached to her that her life goal was to marry a Greek man, make Greek babies, and cook a lot of Greek food. This was repeated to her many times throughout her life so she lacked motivation to listen whenever it was spoken to her throughout the film. Tula need to develop the motivation to listen even though she has heard the saying repeatedly. Tula’s mother was an empathic listener. It was a moment in the film where Tula wanted to attend college and for traditional Greek women at the time college was frowned upon by the father who is the head of the household. Tula’s mother understood that she wanted to do more…show more content…
Anytime the father was required to listen he was always distracted. He never stops what he is doing to give his full attention and listen to the person that was speaking. He also looks for key words that interest him before he seemed as if he was listening. For example, when Tula mention going to college to further her education you can tell the father didn’t listen to what she said because he responded with “why do you want to leave me” which had nothing to do with what Tula wanted from going to college. Tula’s father displayed the opposite of Comprehensive listening he didn’t want to understand he just wanted her to do what he said. Tula’s father could work on developing an empathic style of listening so he can understand emotion and be a better listener especially when it comes to his family. Along with an empathic style he could incorporate comprehensive listening to understand what one is talking about instead of jumping to his own conclusions. Adding these two listening style will help Tula’s father become a better

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