The Truman Show Replica Of The American Dream

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The American dream is to strive for perfection, which is a dream and will only be a dream for all of us. The American dream isn’t anywhere near reality. It’s to have a perfect life: with a happy family, to be successful, and to be rich. The film the Truman show is a replica of the American dream. What we all try to achieve. The Truman show directed by Peter Weir, staring Jim Carrey, takes place in Sea Heaven. Truman was an unwanted pregnancy and was born premature. The cooperation adopted him and, he was filmed by hidden cameras. He is the star of the Truman show, but he isn’t aware of it. Everybody, from his wife, Marley to his best friend Marron, are actors. His father and grandmother who he believes is a part of his family, are strangers. Truman is the only true/real person. Every minute of his life is watched by millions of people, and planned. The director manipulates Truman by changing his lover from Sylvia, to Marley. Christopher plays with Truman emotions. Truman always wanted to be an explorer, despite the fact that his father warned him about the danger of the storm at sea. Therefore, the director creates a scene where…show more content…
Then, he walks in a building and as the elevator opens, he sees people with head phones on, when the security rushes him out. The people, who he saw, are actors who are on their break. Confused, Truman goes to Marron and tells him what he saw, when Marron says that if everything seems planned, and then he should have been on it to. Truman goes home and tells his wife about the daily routine that goes on, from the guy on the bike to the lady in red and a man with flower. Marley laughs at Truman. Truman then tell Marley to get in and drives off, and suddenly there’s traffic. He goes home and does the same thing, and again he’s caught in traffic. He now beings to figure things

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